Mar 25, 2014

A Great Game & Heavy Heart

My childhood best friend flew in from China to visit for a few days.  He also brought his eighth-grader son.  Since he and I grew up playing roleplaying games, it was only proper to roll a few die.  To that end, I got out a copy of Extra Stout and ran it via Labyrinth Lord rules.  Not only was the game a blast, but we had a chance to both reminisce about games past and show the next generation how much fun old-school games, let alone tabletop roleplaying games, can be.  I was thrilled when my friend's son asked to play again the next day (I think he may be hooked).

Even though our friendship goes back thirty-some years, I didn't pull any punches with either my friend or his son.  The first run resulted in a total party kill before they even reached the primary monastery destination.  Oh well, so goes the game.  His second run was far more successful.  Most importantly, there was a lot of laughter, a few tense moments of violence, and many mysteries solved.  My friend is a truly excellent roleplayer; he gets into character, has fun, and rolls with the punches.  Plus, he's patient when I lose my train of thought.

Later on, I took him to my regular Monday night gaming group in which we are currently playing Shadowrun 5th edition.  Even later in the evening, sitting around the fireplace in my living room and drinking beer and wine, we casually chatted about our favorite games and D&D boxed sets and not having enough time or players to run favorite adventures more often.  Oh well, so goes life.

I saw him off with a very heavy heart this morning.  I've always considered him my best friend and I already miss him terribly.


  1. He sounds more like a brother. Sorry he had to go back. Do you ever use Google+ or Skype to game online with him?

    1. He tells me Google doesn't work so well where he is in China. Skype is a good option.


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